On BrandTestingClub.com you can choose from a range of testing across different communities. You’ll find communities for women and men, health professionals, DIYers and pet owners. And more communities of interest are being added as time goes on.

Do you want to test? Join, it’s very easy!

Choose on www.brandtestingclub.com the testing you want to take part in.

Click on it and it will take you to the community website where the testing is taking place.

Read carefully in the box below the main photo, who we are looking for and based on what we choose testers to the testing. In this box you will also find out if the product is shipped free to your home or if you need to pick it up somewhere.

If you don’t already have one, make sure you register on that particular community. You can always find it at the right top of the page.

After registration, click on the button „Sign up for product testing“. You don’t see that button there? Apparently the testing you selected has not yet begun. Check below the main image to see the date and time when the login button will appear.

Please enter your answer to our question in the comment box below the main image. Fill in your address and phone number carefully so we know where to send the product for possible testing.

Wait a few days to hear from us if you have been selected for testing. If you are selected, you will receive a message in your email. We recommend checking your spam or bulk mail occasionally.


We are also happy for you! Within two working days, you will receive information in your email about how and when the product will get to you for testing or where to pick it up. It will also tell you when and where to write your review. And we always appreciate if you share the testing on social media and tag us on FB @Testuj.to on Instagram @Testujto.cz or the hashtag #testujto. Because we notice everyone who is active, and then we select testers for further testing!


Certainly don’t be sad! New testing of great products and services are added every week. Take the opportunity to sign up for the next one! Just check the page regularly www.brandtestingclub.com

What else is good to know

  • Website www.brandtestingclub.com serves only as an aggregator of all communities that test, and you cannot register there. However, you can sign up for our newsletter, where we will keep you informed about new testing.
  • Registration and testing are free.
  • Always write your reviews objectively.
  • If you have a bad experience with a product, be sure to describe it as well to help others in their purchasing decisions.
  • The testing condition is different each time, so be sure to read the selection criteria carefully to ensure you have a chance to succeed as often as possible.
  • Tested products will 95 % remain permanently.
  • If more expensive products are tested, we enter into a contract with you and you can either return the product after a certain period of time or you can always buy it back on discounted terms.
  • We thank you in advance for your courtesy and ethical behaviour towards other testers.

Fingers crossed. See you at BrandTestingClub.com!

PS. If you have any more questions, just message me on chat, on all testing pages in the bottom right corner. :-)

The BrandTestingClub team

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